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Our team of developers can offer you such services as

  • Web store development on Prestashop and Magento. Creation of your own web store on the basis of one of these platforms gives you the possibility to embody any of your most daring ideas. All we need is your vision of the project and detailed information on what you want to see in your web store.
  • Mobile support. Developing a web store one should think of a mobile version of the web site. It’s a must of today’s reality. More than a billion users worldwide use mobile devices for Internet access. Compatibility of your web store with iOS and Android as well as with Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is essential for success. Our developers are ready to do it!
  • Payment systems integration. The users of your web store should be able to choose the most convenient payment system. BELVG team of professionals can help you.
  • Delivery services integration. The more delivery services your web store can offer to the clients, the wider the geography of your deals can be. We can integrate any delivery service to your web site.
  • 1C integration. This will give you the possibility to keep track of accounts. So the main office, affiliates and warehouses will be connected within one system.
  • Ready-made tools for social media. Promoting your business in social media is a powerful instrument of online sales. We’ve got ready-made tools for your successful web store.
  • Powerful tool for newsletters. Mailing is an effective method of increasing sales. BELVG developers team knows how to do it right!
  • Possibility to run a promotional campaign. We offer not only development of your web store but also making your online business recognizable due to powerful promotional campaign.

Entrust the creation of your web store to us. You won’t regret it!